The heroes take in the scenery of Corellia before landing at the Dolo family ranch. We meet a few members of the Dolo family as the group gets comfortable and calls back to Horizon Base for debrief and orders. Vek calls home to talk to his mother to say that he’s on planet and everyone gets ready for a big Dolo dinner party.


Jamie – GM

Jason – Vek Tilma, Human Hired Gun Demolitionist AND Gruntaur, Human NPC Heavy

Ryan – Jad Lakbret, Duros Ace Driver AND Grint (Hawkeye) Carlum, Human NPC Soldier

Andrew – Davic Oulat, Duros Mechanic

Aland – Gar Dolo, Human Mechanic

James – 0B1 KNOB, Droid Soldier

Brit – Cass Waycoit, Human Ace Gunner

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