The party makes their way way to the dinner that the Dolos are organizing for Gar and Prince Valin. After a rather boring conversation about economics and then some pleasant dancing, Jad, Gar, Davic, and Vek have a brief altercation with Yuur’gaan. Gar and his cousin Rhen’atte decide to take the party on a speeder race to a dance club to keep the party going.


Jamie – GM

Jason – Vek Tilma, Human Hired Gun Demolitionist

Ryan – Jad Lakbret, Duros Ace Driver

Andrew – Davic Oulat, Duros Mechanic

Aland – Gar Dolo, Human Mechanic

James – 0B1 KNOB, Droid Soldier

Brit – Cass Waycoit, Human Ace Gunner

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