Taskforce Spectre continues their investigations into the recent attacks on Onderon. Bek Secura tries to make a run for it before he’s quickly apprehended by Kier and brought in for interrogation. The elaborate trap set in the basement of the palace is triggered, with the proton grenades Vek used becoming Baradium charges because of our forgetfulness. Reebo the Rodian is brought in and interrogated before he entirely exposes the player characters identities and Taskforce Spectre heads off planet to continue its job.


Jamie – GM

Jason – Allison Tainer – Diplomat (Agitator), Recruit – interrogator

Andrew – Kierson Waycoit – Pilot

Aland – Agent Hadrian Vakaren – Infiltrator (Spy), Quartermaster

Brit – Amala Joyville – Spy, Slicer, Recruit – computer expert

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