The crew heads out towards the Blue Sector market for some snacks to cheer up after a rough time at the bar. They take this time to pick up their duty reward in the form of supplies that were dropped off by the Rebel Alliance. After a quick visit with the Dolo family lawyer and a brief altercation with a cabbie, they head back to the Dolo ranch to get some rest, spend some private time with Valin, and get ready for their next mission before heading out on their next mission.


Jamie – GM

Jason – Vek Tilma, Human Hired Gun Demolitionist

Ryan – Jad Lakbret, Duros Ace Driver

Andrew – Davic Oulat, Duros Mechanic

Aland – Gar Dolo, Human Mechanic

James – 0B1 KNOB, Droid Soldier

Brit – Cass Waycoit, Human Ace Gunner

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Vek Tilma’s Obligation: Addiction – Pyromania is triggered