After being betrayed by Gar’s father Diet’lam Dolo, the team finds themselves unsure of where to go next. Before a decision can be made, they are attacked by a squadron of TIEs who order them to stand down. A running gun fight ensues before Cass makes the call to jump to hyperspace towards the hidden Rebel planet of Mon Cala (or Dac, depending on who you ask). The crew takes the time during travel to talk about where their heads are at and reminisce about old stories from their past.


Jamie – GM

Jason – Vek Tilma, Human Hired Gun Demolitionist

Ryan – Jad Lakbret, Duros Ace Driver

Andrew – Davic Oulat, Duros Mechanic

Aland – Gar Dolo, Human Mechanic

Brit – Cass Waycoit, Human Ace Gunner

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Gar Dolo’s Obligation: Family is triggered