The team lands on Mon Cala and meets up with two V-Wing pilots, a Neimoidian named Sib Hakko and a Zabrak named Erin Koth. Sib, an old friend of Jad’s, chats about what he’s been up to and the team catches him up on the exciting circumstances that led to their arrival on Mon Cala. Cass takes the crew to a favourite sushi restaurant and gets in contact with her former CO, a Mon Calamari named Niathal. Niathal helps the group get their bearings before Cass checks in with Captain Colemar. Vek finds out his family has been moved and Gar gets an email from the triplets with information regarding Cass’s brother Kier. This leads the entire team to a bar, where some drink to celebrate and some to drink to forget.


Jamie – GM

Jason – Vek Tilma, Human Hired Gun Demolitionist

Ryan – Jad Lakbret, Duros Ace Driver

Andrew – Davic Oulat, Duros Mechanic

Aland – Gar Dolo, Human Mechanic

Brit – Cass Waycoit, Human Ace Gunner

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Gar Dolo’s Obligation: Family is triggered